Alta Pro Professional Liability Risk Purchasing Group LLC (APRPG) is a risk purchasing group for lawyers and law firms, offering competitive insurance products and risk management services. We understand your practice; we have decades of experience in lawyers professional liability insurance (LPL insurance). We have been working with lawyers for many years to help them manage the practice of law and avoid the risks of professional liability.


As part of the APRPG, you are insured by a highly rated insurance company and have access to our full library of extensive risk management tools and materials - simply sign in with your policyholder number. We want to be a valuable resource for you and your firm by providing you current and pertinent resources including malpractice avoidance materials, continuing education courses (coming soon!), and counsel regarding your insurance or risk management questions specific to your firm — simply submit to the Q & A section of our website

Latest Q & A Posts

Risk and Firm Management

What is a risk purchasing group and what is the difference between Alta Pro Insurance Services Agency and the Alta Pro Risk Purchasing Group?

A risk purchasing group is a unique insurance entity formed to represent a group of similarly situated potential policyholders in obtaining liability insurance. The idea is that groups of professionals or similar businesses can get together to buy insurance. This type of organization is used for professionals and specific industries that sometimes have problems finding insurance for their industries...

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What is the impact of offering unbundled or limited scope legal services on my risk of malpractice or insurability?

Unbundled, or a la cart, legal services have been gaining in popularity as a way for clients to get more affordable legal help, and as a way for lawyers to focus on developing and selling expertise. To answer the question of how providing unbundled services will impact your insurance, I want to break the question into the two different scenarios that we see the most often; providing limited services for individual clients, and providing limited services for businesses or organizations on an extended basis...

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I have bad online reviews from problem clients, and even a prospective client I declined, how do I respond to these reviews without being unprofessional or violating any rules?

There are two concerns when responding to bad online reviews and social network content. The first is maintaining your professionalism, and the second is more significant – not violating client privilege in how you respond...

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